How our workshops change lives + families

It is an honor to watch our workshop participants get in the ocean, learn to surf, and practice valuable relationship skills while learning to navigate challenges with confidence.
Blue Zone Marin | Surfing and Relationship Skills Workshops | Nicasio CA



It was one of the best mother-daughter experiences we've had.

Kate and I took this series last May and LOVED it. We totally bonded over this new + challenging skill (and actually learned to surf)! There was no pressure to get up on a board — only to enjoy the water and get connected to yourself and the ocean. Kate and I truly loved the teachers, the group conversations, and the weekly time to be together. We learned new communication tools and found the group dynamic to be really conducive to building trust and opening up. The next series starts in a couple weeks (4 Saturdays in May) and we hope you’ll consider it.

-Shannon Kozubik



Please help others take the plunge to join one of our surfing workshops by sharing your experience. 

Following are some questions that might be helpful to those who are considering one of our workshops:

1. What inspired you to take our workshop?

2. What did you experience as a result of our workshop? How did your relationship with your daughter change as a result of attending the workshop with Blue Zone Marin?

3. What changed on an inner and outer level as a result of having attending the Mother Daughter workshop?

4. What specific aspect of the workshop had the most impact and how?

5. What are two other benefits you experienced from this workshop?

6. Describe working with me as a workshop coordinator.

7. Would you recommend our workshop to others? If so, why?

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?