Frequently asked questions asked and answered.
I know what it’s like to struggle to find balance and routine with a family that has constantly changing needs and demands. It takes real effort finding that balance- one that includes self-awareness, setting healthy boundaries, and time spent pursuing your own goals. I’d like to work with you to find your balance, so you can feel fulfilled.
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Do I need any previous surfing experience to do this workshop?
No! However, you do need to be a confident swimmer and comfortable in the ocean. This workshop is for people who have never surfed before and those who identify as beginners. Everyone will be working on new skills together in the ocean and on the beach.
What is provided, and what do I need to bring?
For each person, please bring a journal and pen, towel, bathing suit, layers of clothes, sunscreen, hearty lunch and water. Pack like you would for a day at the beach! Surfboards, wetsuits, and beach blankets will be provided along with a few lovely surprises.
What does the workshop cost?

The cost for each offering is detailed on the individual workshop page.

Overall the pricing is $150 per person per session (each Saturday).

There are 4 sessions total in a workshop series so the cost is $600 per person for the whole series.

For a mother-daughter pair, the total will be $1200 for the workshop series.

Is this group therapy?

This is not group therapy.

Although I am trained as a therapist, I am not acting as a therapist or working under my professional license.

For all workshops offered through Blue Zone Marin, I will be a coach and educator supporting families on their journey. The format will be didactic and experiential, not process oriented like therapy. Any material that is discussed as part of the workshops will not be considered therapy.

What if I want individual or family therapy?

I am not offering therapy at this time. Please check out these websites for resources to find the individual or family therapy that is right for you:

Poly Ely provides a great list of referrals:

Therapy centers in Marin:

Blue Zone Marin | Surfing and Relationship Skills Workshops | Nicasio CA


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Blue Zone Marin | Surfing and Relationship Skills Workshops | Nicasio CA


Owner: Amanda Renschler, PsyD

PO Box 123, Nicasio, CA 94946



All workshops are safe spaces and welcoming to people who identity as gender-diverse, non-binary, and transgender girls/womxn.